Take back control of your maps

Case Studies


“OSM maps are of equal or better quality than any other widely available mapping service. There is now a solid set of tools and services around OSM that made the switch possible. It all added up to a compelling sense that now was the time to switch.”

Read Nestoria’s story of switching from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap.


“We at StreetEasy decided to build our own maps using, among other tools, OpenStreetMap, TileMill, MapBox and Leaflet, instead of paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per year to Google. And yes, the money pushed us into doing it, but we’re happier with the result because we now control the contents of our maps.”

Read StreetEasy’s story of switching from Google Maps to OpenStreetMap.


“A fantastic project called OpenStreetMap – a free, editable map of the world, made by the people in it. What an exciting prospect to be able to see maps that are alive and have been lovingly created by citizen cartographers all over the world. What an even more exciting prospect to be able to display those maps in Flickr! We racked our brains for a place that we knew we didn’t have a very good street-level resolution for, and had something going on there right now… The 2008 Summer Olympic Games! They just kicked off in Beijing!”

Read Flickr’s reasons for using OpenStreetMap.